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My name is Darren and I have been passionate about Angling and Nature my entire life.

I began fishing when I was 8 years old and was a keen match angler until I was in my early 20's, however I switched to being a total pleasure angler after this and have loved my fishing ever since as I believe there is so much more to fishing that to actually catching fish!

I started making my own fishing floats when I was a child, however, these were very basic and literally just a Peacock quill, a toothpick, a few coatings of paint and a float adapter, this all changed around 2 years ago when I left my previous job to start my own small business of creating my very own handmade fishing floats and other equipment.

With the support of my partner Jenna, who also helps with the painting, varnishing, packaging and posting of my orders, DJL Floats have since went from strength to strength and have now sold my unique, beautifully designed fishing floats, all over the world, ranging from Italy to as far as Australia.

I am one of the very few, full time, handmade float makers in the United Kingdom and I am extremely proud of this after having worked incredibly hard to master my work in which I am sure you will be delighted with if you choose to purchase from me.

I pride myself in using top quality silk threads and other materials, I also love creating my floats in a traditional, vintage style design and my floats are simply works of art in which you will be delighted with, should you decide to purchase.

Should you have a request for a certain type of float, please just drop me an email with your request and I will always do my best to create your preferred type of float for you.

Almost all of my floats can also be personalised with either the buyers name or initials, this will depend on the type and size of the float but this is usually an option so please just let me know if this is something that you would like when you place the order.

Thank you for reading and tight lines!

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