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Handmade Crow Quill Avon Floats. Vintage Style. Set of 3.

Handmade Crow Quill Avon Floats. Vintage Style. Set of 3.

Handmade Crow Quill Avons.


Vintage Style.


Set of 3.


The Crow Quill Avon is easily one of the most sort after of all traditional floats and rightly so, they are the perfect float for fishing fast flowing rivers when the bait needs to be held on the bottom, to do this, the shot needs to be bulked towards the bottom of your rig, the heavy yet delicate design of the Crow Quill makes these floats the perfect river float.


These particular floats are created by Crow Quills that have been collected locally by myself, combined with Balsa dowel that has been turned and shaped using my lathe.


The floats are all created to resemble vintage, traditional style floats and are inlaid using a combination of Pheasant & Kingfisher feathers, creating a truly stunning fishing float.


I have created these floats as a set of 3, with each float being of a different size, ranging from heavy to light, the heavy float taking up to 6SSG, and the smallest, most delicate float taking around the 2-3AAA. this makes them ideal for a variety of situations.


The perfect, traditional fishing float!

  • Dispatch Time

    All of my orders are posted within 3-5 working days

  • Sizes May Vary

    Please be aware that these floats are of 3 seperate sizes, ranging from HEAVY - MEDIUM - LIGHT,  the heaviest float being of or around 6SSG, middle being around 4-6AAA and the lightest float being of around 2-3AAA, these sizes may vary slightly but I aim to have 3 different sizes roughly of these sizes.


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