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Elderberry Carp Stalker Floats

Elderberry Carp Stalker Floats

Handmade Elderberry Carp Stalker Floats.


Set of 3.


The Carp stalker float is the perfect float for stalking Carp around the Lake as the name suggests, however these floats are incredibly unique and these particular sets are my own design.


The floats themselves are created from the Elderberry Tree which is native to the UK, these have been locally sourced, cut to size, shaped, sealed and sanded before any work has began on them, as the dust from the Elder Tree can be poisonous to inhale, extra care has been taken by myself whilst doing this, once they are the perfect sized, the floats are completely sealed and the real work begins...


The floats come as a set of 3, with each float tip being painted a different colour, making them perfect when conditions may change, the colours are Red, Yellow and Green.


These floats are not just ideal for stalking Carp, but can also be deadly when Tench fishing close to margins on shallower lakes in which the Tench can easily be spooked and are brilliant when combining these floats with a Centrepin Reel, truly uniqiue!


The floats can be personalised with the buyers name, if this is something that you would like, please select the relevant option upon placing your order.


Thank you for viewing.

  • Dispatch Time

    All of my orders are posted within 3-5 working days

  • Sizes May Vary

    Please be aware that as all of my floats are completely handmade, sizes of the floats may vary.


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