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Washington & Harraton Angling Club

Help Needed!

I will be donating all of the money raised from raffling off different sets of my handmade fishing floats to Washington and Harraton Angling Club with the hope of raising enough money to begin a plan to restock the lake of SIiver fish.

Since I began creating and selling my handmade fishing floats back in 2019, me and my partner Jenna have managed to donate £807.00 to 3 seperate charitys (details of these are on my Charity page) this has came from either raffling my floats or a percentage from each specific sale that I have made, this is something we are very proud of and although this is only a small step towards restocking some Silver fish into my local club water, this is hopefully a big step forward.

Back in 2010, the whole of the UK suffered from a freak, severe winter (this has since been referred to as the big freeze), where sub-zero temperatures and substantial snowfall hit not just the entire country, but also, the majority of Europe.

Washington and Harraton Angling Club are a small fishing club that was severely affected by the freeze that lasted from the end of November right through until the end of January.

The club lost approximately 70% of its fish stock, this included thousands of Roach and other Silver fish, this had a catastrophic effect on the lake, and despite the club attempting to recover over the past 12 years, the lake has now reached a point where we are in desperate need of support.

Up until the Winter of 2010, the club was a productive fishery (albeit, a difficult lake to fish) and staged competitions twice a week, the majority of these competetions were so popular that more often than not, there were more Anglers turning up for the competition, than pegs available.

Unfortunately, Since the fish loss occured, the club has received very little support in the form of re-stocking, and any restocking that has taken place has came mainly through donations from the Environment Agency, this has been few and far between (the last of which occured 4 Years ago) add this to a more recent problem of an invasive Weed that has taken over the pond, the club are now struggling to attract Anglers to the water, barring a few hardy Anglers that are loyal to the club, meaning we are now lucky to attract even just 3 or 4 different Anglers per week.

The fishing has became very difficult due to the lack of Silver fish that inhabit the pond, and although the water is a decent Tench lake, these catches are now becoming less and less, with only a handful of Tench being caught this entire Summer.

We, as a club, are working on the Weed issue, in the form of raking the pegs most weeks, but due to the lack of members, very few people turn out for the work parties advertised, but we are hopeful that we can improve the water in the near future by re-stocking the lake with Silver fish.

We are now appealing for your support and donations with the aim of raising enough money to begin a restocking plan for the lake, with Silvers, such as Roach, and are hoping that we can re-establish the small fish in the pond, which should then, help the club establish more members over the next few years, which will then generate more income for the club.

This is the first, small step in order for us to re-establish a beautiful pond, that not so long ago, was hugely popular in the North East of England, where a lot of anglers caught their very first fish from.

I will be donating the cash raised from different sets of floats (Excluding Postage Fee's), this will be done using Football Scratch Cards, where the name attached to the winning team, will receive the floats, this will be a regular theme on my Facebook page, so please add me on Facebook if you havent already done so, although anyone interested in joining in, will be able to do so by messaging me directly through my website. 

We are also in regular contact with both the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency, appealing for any support that they are able to provide us with and are hopeful that they will also begin to support the club in the near future.

You can follow the Clubs progress on their own Facebook account, details below.


*Although many of you won't have ever heard of our club, many of you will be aware that the majority of small angling clubs are now severely struggling to compete with the ever growing Commercial scene in the Uk, because of this, we are desperate for any support you can provide and are incredibly grateful for your support*

Any donations will be hugely appreciated, whether it be 10p or £10.00, this will all be set aside until April 2023, where the cash raised will then be used to restock the Lake.

You can donate by clicking on the 'DONATE' button below, this will be hugely appreciated.

In the unlikely event that circumstances change and the money is no longer used towards restocking the pond with Silver fish, all money raised through direct donations will instead be donated to charity and details of this will also be displayed on my website and other media platforms.

Thank you for your support. 

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